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Our Agent Leadership Council

Our Agents Drive our Policies

The Agent Leadership Council is made from the top 20% of agents in the office. This dynamic ‘board of directors’ is actively involved in the leadership decisions that make the office more productive, profitable, and fun! We strive to build a dynamic team of doers and givers. 

This is NOT a sales meeting nor is it a complaint session. The ALC acts as the Market Center’s “Board of Directors” and are the guardians of agent culture.

Our agents have a say in how the company is run. We’re business partners rather than just a number, so we share a true passion for making sure Keller Williams Excellence is the best place to run our real estate businesses.

We're an open Book office

At Keller Williams Excellence, our books are open to our associates.  On a monthly basis our Market Center financials are reviewed by our Associate Leadership Council.

Since we are all business partners and since we profit share together, everyone has the right to see the profit and loss statements for the Market Center every month. 

The Associate Leadership Council that takes action and participates in holding ownership and management accountable for staying within the expense budget.

By allowing our associates to study and understand the importance of our financial statements, they can implement these same business systems and disciplines into their real estate business and personal lives.

Keller Williams Realty is the only real estate company that “opens the books” to the agents. Through the open book policy at Keller Williams Excellence, associates are encouraged to view the profit and loss statement monthly in the market center. We believe that people make better business decisions when they are treated like business people, and there are no financial secrets in a market center.

Profit Sharing

Associates whose business models and success have attracted other talented, productive agents to the company need to be rewarded.  At KW, we do that by sharing 48% of each month’s office profits. This is money that would have gone directly to the owners, if KW was any other company.

Commission Structure


The Keller Williams commission split is  ‘capped’.  After $26,000 company dollar,  our associates are at a 100% commission split until their anniversary year starts again.  Every agent at KW Excellence is treated exactly the same. Every agent pays the same.

Want to know more?

If your business isn’t growing, maybe it’s time to think about why, and meet people who have succeeded by having the right tools, attitude and environment around them.  Ask a KW Excellence agent to join you for a cup of coffee – we’ll be happy to answer any questions, and share what we’re excited about around here.

  • Attractive private offices, or cubicle
  • A website branded to you
  • In-house technology trainers
  • Awesome broker and compliance support
  • Get paid at the settlement table
  • In-house transaction coordinator
  • Mentoring programs
  • High tech conference rooms
  • Listings to Leads system
  • Agent Concierge
  • A robust training calendar
  • Your listing is always your lead
  • Soundproof lead generation room
  • Michael Lewis Marketing Suite
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